BetaDigger 23-2

On my DropBox you will find a new Beta for the DataDigger.  The final version is approaching and it is about time I guess, so what’s new in the beta?
Changes in this beta:

1) Button cleanup

There were too many buttons in the top left panel of the DD so I cleaned it up. An extra frame pops up when you click the new ‘tools’ button. Lemmeknow if you like it or not

2) Error in setting/clearing field-in-table filter.

The keystrokes are wrong; CTRL-CURSOR-LEFT should be RIGHT and vice versa. Also added extra button to manually enter fieldnames. This is needed for QAD databases with their totally freaked out field name convention

3) Red line

When you filter on fields, indexes or tables, a red line around the browse appears to indicate that not all data is shown. This is not done on the databrowse because you will filter that one by nature, so you probably will see a red line in 99% of the cases. No added value here.

4) About DataDigger

A new window was added called ‘about’. In one of the next versions, I will add a check to see if an update is available and also an auto-update function. This screen will see some extra functionality in the future.

5) Bug in saving queries

Queries were not saved due to the extensive refactoring of the last beta version. Fixed.

6) Bug in time display

Time format was ignored in the data browse (Tim Lewis). Fixed.
Let me know if you have issues with the beta.

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